About Burgundy wine


Description of Burgundy wine
Burgundy wine is composed of thousands of small-scale growers in France, often with only tiny parcels of land, who may make a range of a dozen or more different wines, both red and white. In Burgundy (usually referred to as “domains” rather than “chāteaux”), a very significant part of the production comes from négociants: merchants who may own no vineyards, but who buy grapes and finished wines for blending and bottling under their own label.

Geography and climate
Talking about Burgundy wine, we should also mention and the region where it is made. The Burgundy region vineyards covers a large in the east and north of Bordeaux (from Auxerre to Lyon). It has a continental climate with cold winters, hot summers but plenty of rain. There are a few distinct regions of Burgundy region which produces different kinds of wine: Chablis (dry white wines), The Cōte de Nuits (red wines of this distinct are very famous), The Cōte de Beaune (wine lovers says, that greatest Burgundy wine comes from here), The Cōte Chalonnaise (vines from this distinct are not regarded very great, but some wines are extremely fine), The Māconnais (These wines from the southern part of Burgudy are made for drinking young and they are tend to be much cheaper).

This region has a wide variety of grapes, but only two of them plays the main role – Chardonnay for white wine and Pinot Noir for red.

There are lots of vineyards of Chardonnay in this region and provides us two main styles of wine. All Chardonnay vines are aged in the oak barrels which gives a harmonious flavour to it.

More about Burgundy wine
The nature of Pinot Noir is a bit different from Chardonnay. It is a thin-skinned fickle grape and difficult to grow and has a different flavors which depend from a region where it grow. For example the wines from New Zeland cool climate acidity has the the rich fruit flavour, and the wines from warm climate are more flabby and dull which does not give a very exciting flavour. Pinot Noir has much vider nuances and styles. There are many well known labels of Pinot Noir such as La Romanée, Chambertin and Musigny, but it has not achieved world dominance.

The difference between Burgundy and Bordeaux is very questionable, but wine lovers call it Atlantic cousin of Bordeaux.

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