About Moscato / Muscat Wine


Description of Moscato/Muscat wine
The white Moscato are well known type of grapes from Italy‘s Northwest region of Piedmont. Moscato wine is very famous for its light body, perfume-like fragrance and delicate bubbles. A few well-known Moscato winemakers are: Paolo Saracco, Vietti, Giorgio Rivetti, Mionetto, Castello del Poggio, Risata, Beviamo, Bottega, Innocent Bystander, Jacob’s Creek, Mirassou.

How tastes Moscato/Muscat wine?
Moscato Wine really has a wide variety of aromas – dominating citrus tones, green grapes, peach nuances, orange blossom, honeysuckle, almonds, ginger. The wine has extraordinarily fruit-filled flavour – from apple, pear and peach, to lime and orange. Sugar levels range from semi-sweet to sweet and the wine has medium acidity.

How it is served?
Moscato needs to be served well chilled and is usually served with apple desserts, fresh berries, summer salads, fruit pies, sweet breads and other desserts, but is good with cheese courses, and snacks as well. Moscato is an ideal choice with brunch or for aperitif because of the lower alcohol (around 5-8% abv) and a define balance of sweet and acidity.

Moscato is very popular around the world because of its unique palate of flavour, light body, sweetness and reasonable price.

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