About Riesling Wine


Description of Riesling wine
Riesling is white wine originated in Germany’s Rhein and Mosel river valleys and has a broad range of styles. It is white, crisp, refreshing and versatile wine which can be served with a wide variety of food – from pork, poultry, shellfish or appetizers, Asian, Mexican or even Moroccan foods, to desserts.

History of Riesling wine
Originally, this type of grapes was brought to Burgundy from Croatia by the Romans and the documented wine history began in 1435, then Riesling was mentioned in the cellar log of Count Katzenelnbogen at Ruesselsheim. He bought six Riesling vines for the sum of 22 solidi. This time Rieslim was becoming popular. Until the 17th century red Riesling grapes were grown, but the monks of the Cistercian monastery at Eberbach discovered that they are not as good as deeply French red wines and suggested winemakers to grow only white ones. The name is believed to come from the root word “rissig” which means dark wood.

Riesling can be produced both dry or sweet and light or full-bodied as well. It is categorized by the levels of dryness and grape’s ripeness level at harvest.

Taste of Riesling wine
Riesling has apple, peach and pear flavours, sometimes citrus and tropical nuances mixed with undertones of honey and spice. But there is no reason to talk much about Riesling wine, you just need to try it by yourself.

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