About - Sourceofwine.com

Here you will find doors to inspiring world of delicious wines… Did you know that viogner grapes requires a lot of sunshine and warm weather to ripen properly and to produce properly or that Chardonays has the fresh, fruit flavors of apple, pear, guava, pineapple, citrus and melon tones, grilled nuts and marzipan? No? In this website you will learn much more interesting things. We will introduce you to the wide variety of wines, their flavours and aromas, here you will learn about different types of wine, you will also learn how to make it, and how to find your favourite wine!
If you don’t know what wine to choose for your dinner table – we are ready to give you advice… If you are tired of spending lots of time reading wine labels in the shop – we are ready to give you the basic knowledge of this inspiring drink and, of course, a list of different types of red and white wines. Let’s start our journey!


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